Udvalg fra RTD

It’s a line of alcoholic beverages. And let’s be honest – it’s pretty simple. Sparkling water. Alcohol. Natural flavors.

Yep, that’s it.

Well, almost, because we are really passionate about it. And we spent a looot of time developing the flavors. But you know, we’re Danish, so we like to keep it humble.

Se vores drinks

So, here’s some humble bragging.

It’s refreshing. It’s a lighter alternative. And it’s for social settings. Yeah, you probably already figured that out.

Oh, and here’s the boring part:

1 can = 4% alcohol, 100 calories and natural flavors.

Anyway, we think it’s great. Because we made it.

But hey, you should try it. Maybe you’ll think it’s great too?

DANSK is developed and produced locally in Denmark